Since we are teaching in this group meditations that are quite easy and related only to relieving tension and stress providing  a tranquil state, we will not require references to Dharma meditations.

However, since there are hundreds of meditational patches which give temporary relief which in a correct and natural way include sound and movement as main contenders without complications, here we will teach a tranquility meditation which is more substantial.

All balanced meditations begin with the triple set of pre preparation, breathing as a background and the establishment of a total body experience that has no particular tactile sensation acting as a distraction.

If you can establish that with relative stability then the meditation can begin.

You would not have begun this meditation if you did not believe that a tranquil mind was possible and that somehow the stress or tension that you experience is neither natural nor recommendable even in this life which is so difficult.

That means that you accept the fact that there is something quite natural that has been blanketed by certain events or circumstances.

Let us call that your TRANQUIL and CALM NATURE

Furthermore you must believe that this "tranquil and calm nature" can be established so as to resist all the events and circumstances that caused your stress and tension.

When out in the countryside, walking or climbing or even laying restfully beneath a tee or sitting just looking at passing clouds the mind just seems to let go of that stress and tension.

Inthose moments you actual experience that tranquility and calm.  Okay you know that and can name it tranquility and calm, but wht does it actually feel like if you take all names away.

It feels well... you can't describe it, for when you do the experience can't be captured. It is not mental and it is not emotional, it is a state of WELL BEING.

Now what you have to do in the pre preparation is imagine that there can be a person so natural that he ... or she .. is always tranquil and calm with uncountable positive qualities in attitude, intentions and actions. Furthermore this imagined person is filled with the qualities that make them non egoistic and willing to communicate nd help others.

That then is the first step, to generate this imaginary person as if they were real and multi-dimensional during the pre preparation.

Forget yourself completely in the presence of this imaginary person... Don't give him or her a form just feel the presence of that person just as you would in a day dreaming  state. Enjoy that presence in the pre preparation as often as you can.

The First Meditation

When you feel that you are ready then you sit correctly in an adequate place where there will be no interruption and knowing that in this meditation the task is simply to sit with this imaginary presence during the meditation absorbing that presence as you would a child with a favorite uncle.

 Nothing more complex than that.  Be a child once more.

You don't have to do anything, just sit in that meditation... Meditation, you see is easy don't have to develop any appearance of this figure, it will just come... The figure my come and go like the ebb and flow of the sea when it is still or you may note nothing of that presence until the end of the meditation when you sense that it has been there in the meditation.   It matters not which of these experiences you feel. Along with this will arrive a sense of well Being which may stay a  while or be quite fugitive
... This too does not matter.

If during the meditation there are many distractions for the senses, emotions or thoughts then that means that the breathing in and out has not been correctly established in the pre preparation and you must work harder on that.

If you experience that you have entered that space and the experience of the presence of that figure does not arrive or the well being, then that is also a fault during the pre preparation in which you have not sufficiently worked upon that aspect of the meditation.

Now it is important not to move to the next stage of the meditation until this first phase has been established.

The Second Meditation

When stabalized in the first Meditation you must carry it through to a second stage .
The method is identical and all that you do in the pre preparation is add another dimension to the imagined scenario.

In this stage, in the presence of the figure you imagine that this figure, which you have established with great virtues (not social, but natural) as a consequence connects also with you and extends his or her compassion and benevolence towards you. So close is this contact that you accept a fusion.  You allow yourself to become the figure and the figure to become you.
All it's good qualities fuse into you bringing withnthem calm and tranquility. What is futher important is that the figure makes it known without words that you can carry its "qualities with you when any union with it is complete."

You accept this and sense great well being. All within the pre preparation.

With sufficient imagination in the pre preparation you once more enter the meditation and sit within that empty spce doing absiolutely nothing and just let it all actually happen without trying to do anything at all... The pre preparation will have conditioned it all for you.

Whenyou come out from the ,meditation you will feel this presence even when the events and conditions promote the old stress an tension which will now be less and the mental and emotional pre occupations will be diminished.

Errors of to much disturbance in the meditation or a fault in the transfer of well being, including the natural virtue, is a problem of the breathing or /and the pre preparation imagination.  You will have to work more with that.

You must remember that the key lies with this pre preparation, so the more you do the greater and more effective will be the result.

The Third and Final Meditation.

Do not be in a haste to get here ... If the foundations have not been well laid and sufficient pre preparation and meditation performed then it will not work... It is no use blaming the meditation ... It is up to you, your initiative, your determination and perseverance when often things don't work out...

Be patient.

If you belong to some religious entity or follow Buddha Dharma then you will without doubt have some image of its leader or other person, for example Jesus the Nazarine or a saint that possess all the perfect qualities of peace and tranquility. If you follow Buddha Dharma then there is Buddha or a Boddhiattva as perfect examples.... You can use these as your imaginary figure.