If you have correctly started to transform your Samsaric stained mind from one that is constantly stressed or agitated into one that is calm and also connected by the common thread of universal suffering and the potential for a universal tranquility, then you may be prepared to go one step further.

That step means unifying the apparent self with all that has life and even further to the environment that supports all living things.

We can, at this level of meditation only adjust our cognitive way of viewing the world, but that brings certain peace and tranquility even closer.

All living things have their apparent own nature which gives individual differences. Yet despite the fact that we distance ourselves from all animals in one way or another, we are connected by evolution and what is more even the common sea sponge shares close genetic links with a 70 per cent coincidence with human genes.

The human brain of course gives us an incredible biological advantage for the better or the worst. You may indeed live with a peaceful co existence with animals unless you take them into custody a pets or visit them in zoos. Some, with their heads clearly screwed on in the wroing way even love to kill them.

Whatever distance you have created through egocentrism and greed is an error. A greater peace comes not from a peaceful co existence but through understanding and at least a mental solidarity with all living things.

The Meditation

One again meditation begins with the pr programming.

So while sitting with a tranquil mind allow your imagination to run generating fantasy if you want to call it that. Maybe it has been a while since you enjoyed that experience, but go back to the time when your imagination was ripe like that of a child.

Imagine yourself sitting in meditation with the breathing in and breathing out consciously in the background and imagine that you have brought al the other tactile sensations of the body together so that there is no particular sensation only a great oneness of body and mind.

Then in the pre programming extend that your mind to enter into the living force of every living creature, every animal great and small, every tree and every blade of grass. Become one with them... loose their individual differences and feel the life force that is common to every living thing.  Don't separate yourself from that life force.

Feel that pulsing life of all things... feel your apparent self as united with that pulsing life force and dwell with it in peace and harmony.
It is not as difficult as it appears to be. it is a matter of relaxing and letting go, touching that oneness that is actually present.

When that pre preparation is stabilized and you can return there often without any problem, then you can actually perform the meditation.

Now is the time when you actually note the breathing in and breathing out concentrating upon the tactile sense of passing air at the nostrils, allowing that to fall into the background... Then you allow the uniting of ll the tactile experiences of the body .. the pains, the temperature, the pressure on your limbs, the movement of your eyelids... You dissolve them into one defensive qi.

Then you just remain dwelling in that state. You do nothing else and just without conscious thought let the pre programing that you have worked on do its work.

With sufficient meditation your cognitive attitude and intentions will begin to change.