Mending the Hole in the Roof

Having transformed the peace and tranquility from an imaginary figure, you will sense that tranquility within yourself. That of course was your objective.  If you continue frequently with that meditation then the stress will be kept away, but if you do not continue with the practice then the old habits will rise again.

The problem is rather like that of the farmer with a leaking roof. It only needs repairing when it rains and when it isn't raining it doesn't need repair.

So it is up to you.

If however, you do realize the importance of peace and tranquility in and of itself, considering it as a natural and correct state then you can go further.

That means making the peace and tranquility that you have attained through meditation much stronger and less egocentric.

You see it is that egocentricity that makes old habits so strong.  The task then if you have sufficient cognitive intelligence to see the greater benefits you will consider the meditation upon Universal Peace and Tranquility as a possibility.

But beware here of two traps

The first is believing for a moment that you can in fact by any meditation or prayer influence Universal Peace and tranquility or a you can in fact influence except by close contact the peace and tranquility of anyone. In fact that can become an egocentric idea in and of itself.

The second is in performing the task with the clear intention to benefit oneself.

Now that appears paradoxical... How can one approach a task benefiting oneself and not pay attention at all to that by doing something that only appears to benefit others.

The secret is called in psychology "the use of Selective Attention".

The Meditation.

Having attained efficient practice in the fantasy of pre programming then you begin by realizing and observing that this calm and tranquil nature that the figure possessed and that you now see that you possess and a natural trait when it is not blanketed by folly is also possessed by all living human creatures.

No matter what their state in any given moment, no matter how far they may have fallen in a spiritual or natural moral sense, they still have within the capacity to secure a lasting peace and tranquility.

What you then the allow yourself to perceive is the universal state of peace and tranquility that all possess yet is not possessed by any individual.  You perceive that situations which are difficult may arise for ll human creatures collectively and apparently individually, but you see behind all that marvelous tranquility and peace that is mental.

You the allow yourself to actually see that the world is filled with pain and suffering.

That pain and suffering is not individual. It is rather like a great octopus that hovers above ll first of all spreading its black tint of ignorance to obscure the human mind and then with its tentacles, and there re millions of them it simply feels about until it touches a living human creature and then touches them with suffering.

You know what that suffering is in part, for you have been touched by pain, by stress, by tension and also by suffering.

But the suffering of most people is greater than yours... Imagine now that suffering and feel the great urge to cut the tentacles of suffering from all human creatures, in fact to destroy that octopus of suffering so that no one ever suffers again... there are no human creatures for they are all one and their suffering is universal and the wish that they be free is universal and includes yourself as part of the whole and not separate.

You know when that is achieved all human creatures will attain peace and tranquility and thus the balance and harmony of all human creatures with all other living thing and their environment will be attained eternally.
remote corner of the world.

You must then project your own will and energy to every  remote corner of the world generating the clear compassionate force so that this will come about.

That is the imaginative pre preparation that must be developed. I you try to do that during the meditation cognitively entering the mind in that space that you have generated of stillness with the total qi energy... It will not work, because your intellect knows that it is impossible. But if you allow that pre programming to work subliminally then the meditation will be effective.

If that has been well accomplished then the meditation becomes automatic and easy.

You simply sit with the mind relaxed with the breathing in and out in the background, developing the experience of the full undivided defensive qi of the senses without noting any one stimulus in particular.

Automatically, because of the pre programming, subconsciously the meditation will work for you. Gradually bringing a greater level of peace and tranquility.

Naturally if you do nothing about the external roots of the problem within work and relations then you are adding  unknown variables that are great impediments.