5. Detrás de Cada Auto-imagen hay un Niño Triste

The system in the old days when your grandmother was a child was to "put your best foot forward", which meant to do your best. Today that has all changed. the idea isto presnt the best image that you can.That image, of course is not real and maintaining it causes a great deal of stress at times and it is time if you really care about relations to "put your best foot forward" and say, "to hell with the image".

That means that you have to look at the child that is still within you that has never had a chance to show itself. One of tye first things that the child in samsara learns is that lying is not good, but that not precisely telling the truth is alright. While that may be fine in some situations it is never correct in relationships... It is not communication that is important, but being truthful about everything ... what you think. how you feel and allways ifyou really need help and support to ask for it.

Just asking for it doesn't mean you will get it, for it is a plea not a command and that plea should not be allowed to exist with EXPECTATIONS attached.