What does Blind Dharma have to say about life after death ? It simply declares don't worry about it you will find out when you don't get there.

Of course from the logical point of view that might mean that you are in inferno with most of the rest of the world, which is pretty crowded. But in terms of Blind Dharma it means that in that last moment of consciousness you will know there is nothing after... For that flashing second that might be a confirmation of what you always suspected, a relief for those that really merit something uncomfortable after life with Dantian justice or a terrible disappointment that your Ego will not be rewarded.

But meantime what are you going to do, if you want to go to a wonderful after life without really the merits which St peter might require as he waits at the gate somewhere sitting on a cloud with a mass of angels playing the same old gospel tunes on Golden harps that have seen better days.

If you did by any chance in your imagination sneak thrugh he is not going to be in a good mood for he has been waiting for more than fourteen thousand years sitting with a heavy record book and nobody has come up there yet.

So forget all that and let' see what Blind Dharma can do for you as you grow older that will satisfy all your desires and at the same time allow you to see yourself in the mirror with a glowing halo, or is it a toilet seat, perched over your head.

to be continued